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Musée d’anthropologie, photo de Tourism BC/Kevin Arnold
Musée d’anthropologie, photo de Tourism BC/Kevin Arnold

Puisant leur inspiration des magnifiques paysages de la Colombie-Britannique, les artistes exploitent la beauté naturelle et les matériaux bruts de la province pour créer des trésors remarquables exposés dans les galeries d'art de la Colombie-Britannique.

Les totems imposants, les sculptures et les masques puissants, les imprimés audacieux et les bijoux finement travaillés racontent l'histoire des premiers peuples de la Colombie-Britannique. Les peintures spectaculaires, les photos évocatrices et une multitude de spécialités artisanales permettent de se faire une idée de la diversité géographique et de l'esprit à multiples facettes de la province.

Galeries d'art de la Colombie-Britannique

La Colombie-Britannique est fière de compter dans ses rangs des artistes de renommées nationale et internationale. Admirez leurs œuvres à la Galerie d'art de Vancouver, au Musée d'Anthropologie, à la Galerie d'art de Greater Victoria, à la Galerie Eagle Aerie et à la Galerie d'art de la côte nord-ouest de Bill Reid.

L'art aborigène est conservé dans des centres culturels tels que le Centre culturel d'U'mista. Il s'expose également dans leur environnement naturel, comme les totems de Duncan et du Parc national de Gwaii Haanas.

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64 Galeries d'art et artistes in British Columbia

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1 Aisin-Gioro Fine Art Gallery Ltd - Vancouver

119B East Pender Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6A 1T6

A fine art gallery specializing in contemporary and traditional works by members of China's last royal family, the Aisin-Giros. The gallery is operated by Cecilia Aisin-Gioro, the grand-neice of Pu-Yi, the last emperor of China. Cecilia's paintings are featured as well. Cecilia started to paint at age 5 and was able to take advantage of exposure to the royal painting tradition. Later she studied with the famous Chinese realist painter, Mr. YiFei Chen. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a beautiful oil or water colour painting to beautify your home or office, or as a gift for the special someone in your life.

2 BC's Guide to Arts & Culture - New Westminster


The BC's Guide to Arts & Culture is a free, bi-annual, full-colour guide to over 400 art galleries, museums, studios, gardens, wineries, heritage & cultural sites found in BC. Copies of this indispensable guide for the culture-loving traveller can be found at over 500 locations throughout BC; at visitor information centers, airports, BC Ferries & over 400 arts & cultural locations displaying the 'ART-BC Recommended' logo on premises...your assurance of an authentic experience.

For the lover of theatre, music, art walks, exhibits, museums & wine, the online guide is only as far away as your mobile device. The BC's Guide to Arts & Culture is your resource to create your own self-guided discovery of the unique cultural footprints of BC's diverse communities. Our communities, our culture, yours to discover!

Designated the Sculpture Capital of Canada, Castlegar's downtown comes alive each year with a stunning selection of public art.

Castlegar Sculpturewalk showcases over 30 outdoor sculptures from local and international artists, located on a walking tour within Castlegar's downtown (total tour time is approximately 1.5 hours).

We invite the public to vote for their favourite sculpture via ballot - the winning piece is purchased for the City's permanent collection, with a total of $25,000 in prizes available to the artists. All of the sculptures are available for sale and lease (download a catalogue from our website for full details).

Brochures/maps are available along the route, or pick one up at City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, or the Kootenay Gallery.

4 Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery - Vancouver

332 Water Street Unit 200
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 1B6

A leading First Nations fine art gallery established in 1996, Coastal Peoples is ideally situated downtown in historic Gastown. The gallery's inviting atmosphere in a restored warehouse setting complements the exquisitely handcrafted artwork by authentic aboriginal artists inhabiting British Columbia's Northwest Coast and the Inuit communities of the Canadian Arctic region. Coastal Peoples showcases museum-quality artwork and is reputed to represent some of the finest master carvers and newly emerging talent on the West Coast. To view the entire collection and for more details, visit us in person or online.

5 Cormier's Studio Art Gallery - Penticton

495 Vancouver Ave
Penticton, British Columbia
V2A 1A4

A cultural tourism feast! Visit our B&B, art gallery and sculpture garden, all under one roof. Centrally located in Penticton and overlooking Okanagan Lake, bright and colourful whimsy await your viewing pleasure.

Lawrence sculpts steel while Kena creates mixed media 'wallart'. You may even discover a mosaic or two. If we are not here, feel free to wander the sculpture garden. Open most days from 12:00 pm-5:00 pm.

6 Courtyard Gallery - Enderby

907 Belvedere St
Enderby, British Columbia
V0E 1V0

Courtyard Gallery is a 'gem' of a gallery where you will find oil paintings, watercolours, glassware, jewelry, pottery, weaving, stained glass and so much more. This, not- for- profit collective is run by the 30 local artists/artisans whose work makes up the collection in the gallery.

Work is changed every six weeks and so there is always something new to be discovered. When you step into this gallery, you will be greeted by one of the artists and have an opportunity to discuss their work and discover their passion. We are located next to the legion and are set back from the street by a delightful courtyard where in the summer you can sit and relax.

"Step into the world of captivated and inspired"

7 Doing Earth Pottery - Chilliwack

4326 Kehler St
Chilliwack, British Columbia
V2R 5E4

Doing Earth Pottery features unique hand crafted, locally made pottery in some of the most unique colours. Shelley has created over 64 one of a kind functional art pieces that make ideal gifts or an addition to the decor of any home or dwelling.

In the gallery, visitors will find a selection of raku pottery finished with horsehair that makes a unique art piece.

Shelley also loves her jewelry and features hand made gemstone earrings from gems found all around the world.

The gallery is located in the historic and scenic Yarrow in Chilliwack. The gallery is surrounded by magnificent trees and a huge variety of flowers.

8 Elaine Brewer-White Ceramics Gallery - Langley

23033 Billy Brown Road
Langley, British Columbia
V1M 4G2

In house ceramic studio gallery - in the heart of fabulous Fort Langley and walking distance to restaurants, shopping, walking trails along the Fraser River, and the historical fort.

Studio gallery features one of a kind pottery and sculpture by world-renowned ceramicist, Elaine Brewer-White. On occasion, Elaine also offers clay classes for adults. Her studio and show room are open to small, on-going classes or weekend workshops - a chance for a unique experience of art-making with clay, no experience necessary. Only requirement - a sense of adventure and a willingness to have fun!

Visit by appointment - please text or call: 778-882-0561.<> Carpe Diem! Carpe Lutum! (Clay!)

9 Fazakas Gallery - Vancouver

688 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6A 1R1

We specialize in contemporary, cross-cultural and Northwest Coast First Nations art. Located in the historic Heatley Block building in Strathcona.

In addition to contemporary artworks, we sell Northwest Coast Native artworks and commissions for established First Nations artists such as Beau Dick, Rande Cook, David A. Boxley, Don Yeomans and Wayne Alfred. We also offer works by up-and-coming and mid-career artists such as Corey Bulpitt, John Brent Bennett, Alano Edzerza and Phil Gray.

10 Golden Otter Gallery - Nanaimo

34 Nicol Street
Nanaimo, British Columbia
V9R 4S8

Golden Otter Gallery is a locally owned and operated gallery in downtown Nanaimo, located in the historic Fire Hall No.2 Building, built in 1893. The gallery is home to original paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures, and natural insect and bone displays, many featuring a strong local wildlife theme.

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